CELLSTAR® Cell Culture Vessels

Greiner Bio-One develops and distributes products for the cultivation, storage and separation of cells and for specific applications in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological research. The company’s product line CELLSTAR® offers a wide spectrum of cell culture flasks, dishes and plates. Their functional design, particular material properties and special coatings enable these vessels to be used not only in standard cell culture but also in cancer research, viral diagnostics, genetic engineering and vaccine production.

Product Selection

CELLSTAR Cell Culture Flasks

For cell culture, Greiner Bio-One offers standard and filter cap cell culture flasks with growth areas of 25 cm², 75 cm² and 175 cm²...

CELLSTAR Cell Culture Dishes

Like all Greiner Bio-One products, cell culture dishes are manufactured according to our high quality standards...

CELLSTAR OneWell Plates

The CELLSTAR® OneWell Plate™ can be used if large quantities of cells have to be cultivated...

CELLSTAR FourWell Plates

The CELLSTAR® FourWell Plate™ facilitates the cultivation of cells and the storage of microscopic slides in an HTS-compatible plate complying with the ANSI standard...

CELLSTAR Cell Culture Microplates

Cell culture treated microplates are available in the following versions..

CELLSTAR Well Culture Tubes

CELLSTAR® Cell Culture Tubes are made of high-grade polystyrene and are available with screw cap, bayonet cap or two-position vent stopper.


The CELLSTAR® CELLreactor™ tube can be used as small bioreactor for suspension and spheroid cell culture, facilitating miniaturization of large-scale setups and maximizing the number of parallel experiments.

EASYstrainer cell strainers

EASYstrainer cell strainers are filters for Cell suspensions and primary cell isolates. Sterile.Fits all standard 50ml tubes. Innovative handle and mantle surface for improved aseptic handling. Venting slot for fast filtration...