MycoZap™ Mycoplasma Elimination Reagent

The MycoZap™ Reagent can eliminate detectable mycoplasma contamination in as few as 4 days and has been optimized to clear mycoplasma with minimal toxic effects on the infected cells. It eliminates mycoplasma by using a combination of antibiotic and antimetabolic agents. This approach allows for a highly reliable elimination of mycoplasma that cannot be achieved by the use of antibiotics alone. The MycoZap™ Reagent can be used to eradicate mollicutes, including Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, Spiroplasma and Entomoplasma species in cell cultures.


  • Efficient mollicute elimination by a combination of antibiotic and antimetabolic agents
  • Minimal toxic effects


  • Eradicates Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, Spiroplasma, and Entomoplasma
  • Suited for a broad range of cell cultures

MycoZap™ Elimination Reagent Data

Efficient mycoplasma removal with minimal effect on cell viability. The MycoZap™ Reagent treatment eliminates mycoplasma in as few as 4 days (detected by MycoAlert™ Assay) with minimal impact on cell viability (determined by ViaLight™ Assay).

Cultures should be tested with the MycoAlert™ Mycoplasma Detection Kit at regular intervals after mycoplasma elimination to ensure fresh infections do not arise.

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MycoAlert Assay Control Set Protocol