Air-Tite syringes and needles for the lab

Standard 3-part syringes and needles manufactured to the Air-Tite brand’s exact specifications to be high quality, budget friendly, and ready for use in laboratory, medical, industrial, and veterinary applications. Non-toxic, latex-free, pyrogen-free syringes feature a lubricated rubber-tip plunger with a positive plunger stop to ensure accuracy and ease of use. Available individually wrapped and sterile or unsterile in bulk.

Product Selection

Air-Tite Luer-lock syringes

1mL to 60mL Luer-lock syringes.

Air-Tite Luer-slip syringes

1mL to 60mL Luer-slip syringes.

Air-Tite brand needles

Needles ranging from 14 gauge to 27 gauge.