Applications & Protocols

Life Science Research Solutions, Products, and Resources

Whether you need equipment and supplies for your laboratory applications, biopharma product support or products ensuring carefully controlled environments at your facility—Avantor can help.

Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry

Avantor has the resources to make your Chromatography or Mass Spectrometry applications run effectively—from the measuring apparatus needed for chromatography, or the proteins for mass spectrometry.

Analytical Chemistry

No matter what methods or technology you use, Avantor offers a comprehensive catalog of the equipment, reagents, chemicals, consumables, tools, and other products you need every day.

Biopharma Production

Find the biological materials you need for upstream bioprocessing, including bulk-sized biological buffers and biochemicals...


We are committed to providing the information and tools you need to reduce hazards, protect workers, and comply with all relevant safety requirements...

Environmental Control Products

Cleanrooms and other controlled environments used for vaccine manufacturing or scientific research require specialized products. Find what your controlled environment requires here.