Cole-Parmer® Masterflex® Peristaltic Pumps & Tubing

Improve fluid conditions and productivity in your lab with a Masterflex solution. From low-cost, fixed-speed pumps to advanced-controlled models suitable for critical metering and dispensing applications, Masterflex has the answer to your needs. VWR offers a wide selection of single or multi-channel Masterflex peristaltic pumps, as well as the most suitable options in tubing to be used with peristaltic pumps.

Manufactured for high-purity systems, peristaltic pumps are designed for fluids to have a non-contaminated flow path for the transfer of sensitive cell cultures and hazardous or heavy-duty liquids. With only a few moving parts they are easy to maintain, can be installed in minutes, and to pump a different fluid you only need to change the tubing.

Here are 3 reasons why to choose a Masterflex peristaltic pump:

  • A contamination-free system for pumping fluids, even those with high viscosities
  • Low maintenance, self-priming, and non-siphoning
  • Gentle, low-shear pumping operation ideal for handling live cells, large proteins, suspensions, and other shear-sensitive fluids

Product Selection

Cole-Parmer® Masterflex® L/S® pump systems

Operation is easier than ever thanks to a maintenance-free, high-accuracy motor and graphical interface. Available in an IP33 plastic or IP66 stainless-steel enclosure.

Cole-Parmer® Masterflex® I/P® pump systems

Ideal for automated process applications, these precision drives offer remote-control options and simple programming. Anti-drip function ensures accuracy in dispensing.

Cole-Parmer® Masterflex® platinum-cured silicone tubing

Lower protein-binding levels and fewer potential leachables make these the most commonly used pharmaceutical-grade silicone tubing for Masterflex pumps.

Cole-Parmer® Masterflex® L/S® biopharma tubing

Platinum-cured silicone tubing that is ultra-smooth to minimize bacterial growth, making it ideal for lab, biotech, and pharmaceutical applications.