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As seen in our elements publication, the products below represent the variety of high-quality, high performing products and service solutions you need in your everyday work.

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Avantor is your complete resource for everything you need to ensure optimized research workflows: consumables, instruments, lab equipment & furniture, and expert process insights – we offer flexible, customized solutions that propel your research from discovery to delivery.

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Analytik Jena

GelStudio Touch Imaging Systems

Systems use a 12 MP camera for high sensitivity imaging for DNA gels, protein gels, Coomassie Blue, GelGreen, SYBR Green and a wide range of genomic applications.

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Reach-in CO2 Incubators for Production Cell Culture

Maximize high-volume adherent or suspended culture with chambers built for the heaviest, bulkiest, and most critical loads.

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Crystal Industries

Cryo FreezeBox and Accessories

Hold samples at a safe temp on your bench easily with no need for dry ice Different ice cores available to create your own FreezeBox.

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PURELAB® Quest Water Systems

When you need unmatched value, proven reliability, and uninterrupted discovery, the PURELAB® Quest provides the perfect solution. Consistently delivering three types of laboratory water, the Quest supports every application in your lab. Purchase a PURELAB® Quest and receive a pack of free consumables!

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Next-Generation LABOPORT® Vacuum Pumps

New LABOPORT vacuum pumps offer versatility for a variety of laboratory applications, including: rotary evaporation, degassing, filtration, SPE, fluid aspiration, gel drying, centrifugal concentration, vacuum ovens and more.

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Omni International

Bead Ruptor Elite Bead Mill Homogenizer

The Bead Ruptor Elite is the most advanced, powerful, and easy to use bead mill homogenizer available. It is specifically designed for grinding, lysing, and homogenization of biological samples prior to molecular extraction.

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VIP® Series –150 °C Cryogenic Chest Freezer

Offers insulating properties that help to provide unsurpassed uniformity in the chamber from top to bottom, side to side, and front to back.

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Sheldon Manufacturing

B.O.D. Thermoelectric Cooled Incubators

Innovative peltier cooling technology eliminates the need for a refrigeration compressor in the LI6P and LI20P. These units use 78% less power than alternative models and reduce room air conditioning loads by 75%.

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