Flow Cytometric BioAnalysis in Cell Therapy Development


Thursday, July 15, 2021
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST


Helping you improve your workflow in generating reproducible and submission ready flow cytometry data 

Flow cytometry provides an important bioanalysis method used in the development and evaluation of biotherapeutics such as CAR-T cells. The current challenge in bioanalysis lies in the generation of rigorous and reproducible data that reliably correlates to biological efficacy and is ready for FDA submission. The reproducibility crisis is often related to workflow inconsistencies in sample prep, data acquisition, and data analyses resulting in the generation of erroneous biological data that directly impact therapeutic development.

Today’s webinar will discuss new technologies that address error prone steps in flow cytometry assays, reduce subjectivity and empower the generation of standardized and reproducible flow data specifically in the field of clinical research.

Learning objectives:

  • Utility of flow cytometry in biotherapeutic development and evaluation
  • How to mitigate errors in flow cytometric bioanalysis
  • Improve reproducibility of flow cytometric data in clinical research