Gas Chromatography Columns and Supplies

Ensure reproducibility of results and dependable performance to boost your productivity with Agilent's large selection of capillary and packed GC columns, and precision engineered GC and GCMS supplies. 

Agilent’s GC columns and supplies provide the reliability your lab needs, while adding innovative functionality and performance to improve your workflow. Our precision engineered gas chromatography supplies ensure reproducibility of results and dependable performance, regardless of your instrument platform. Agilent products are specifically designed and optimized for your instrument, including ferrules, nuts, tubing, inlet liners, syringes, and septa.

GC Columns

Agilent offers a wide range of top-quality J&W and CrossLab GC Columns. Using Agilent GC columns in your lab provides confidence in every separation

Inlet Liners

Glass inlet liners, precision inlet seals, and reliable O-rings are used to maintain a clean injection port.

Ferrules and Connectors

Ferrules and connectors are critical components to securing a leak-free flow path in your GC.

Autosampler & Sample Introduction Supplies

Find parts for your Agilent autosampler here, including turrets, repair parts, needle supports inserts, and diffusion caps.

Inlet Septa for Gas Chromatography

Explore Agilent's complete portfolio of gas chromatography septa to ensure your GC is operating at peak performance.

Capillary Tubs and Accessories

Agilent provides all the necessary gas chromatography accessories and tooling for you to perform maintenance on your capillary columns.

Detector Parts & Accessories

Agilent has a full list of parts and accessories for your GC detector.

Inlet Accessories

Find all supplies required for all your GC inlets, including cool on-column (COC), multimode inlet (MMI), programmable temperature vaporizing (PTV), and purged packed inlet (PPI).

Intuvo Supplies

Keep your Intuvo GC running smoothly by regularly replacing Intuvo consumables, including Intuvo gaskets, guard chips, flow chips, and jumper chips.