Creating and Using My Profile

You will need to create and log into a profile in order to purchase products on the site

If you don't have a profile on, just follow a few simple steps to create one. Once your profile is created, you can begin placing orders immediately.

With a profile, you'll have access to helpful tools that simplify procurement.

When you log in, the My Profile page (always accessible from the "My Profile" link at the top of the page), allows you to view and update your personal information and custom settings, tailoring to your needs.

  • Access to your organization’s contract pricing
  • Visibility to product availability based on the VWR warehouses that service your shipping location
  • Edit your ordering, payment, and shipping preferences whenever needed, and this information will be conveniently available for selection when you check out.
  • Create and save Personal Shopping Lists, schedule Order Reminders, and use other features that support efficient procurement process.
  • Access to real-time order status for all of your order with VWR; including carrier tracking information, C of A’s and SDS documents as well as downloadable packing slips and invoices.

Yes, you do not need a profile to browse our website, view product data, learn about our company and the services we offer, find career opportunities at VWR, and more.

Select "Register" at the top of the page. Then choose "Permanent Profile" (if you have a VWR Shipping Account Number) and click "Next."

Complete the registration form, which will help us customize to your specific needs. Once complete, select "Create Profile."

Choose "Guest Profile," click "Next," complete the registration form, and then select "Create Profile." After your Guest Profile is created, you will be able to apply for a Shipping Account Number.

This number identifies you as a unique VWR customer. VWR assigns a Shipping Account Number (also known as an Account Number) to you to establish pricing, billing, shipping, and other important information.

If you do not have a VWR Shipping Account Number, request one after you create a Guest Profile by selecting "My Account," then clicking the link under Account Status.

To complete the registration process, our system must verify that your e-mail address is accurate. Once you have completed the registration form and selected “Create Profile,” a verification message will be e-mailed to you immediately. This message will contain a Verification Key that links back to and allows you to complete your registration.

Please confirm that the e-mail address you provided when creating your profile is correct. If this address is incorrect or has changed, select "My Profile" at the top of the page, click the "Edit" button beside "Personal Information," update your e-mail address, and register again.

If you still don't receive a verification e-mail, call the VWR Web Support team at 888.320.4357 or e-mail

With a Permanent Profile, each time you log in, you'll have access to many advanced features such as Contract Pricing and Availability.

Access to the most advanced features on depends on the specific arrangements you and/or your organization have made with VWR. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting your VWR Sales Representative or sending an e-mail to

With a Guest Profile, you can browse and purchase many of our products with a credit card. Basic site features are available when using a Guest Profile, but access to advanced features requires a Permanent Profile.

Please do not register for a Guest Profile if you already have a VWR Shipping Account Number. This may cause delays to your order and lead to additional charges. If you do not know your VWR Shipping Account Number, call 800.932.5000.

Also, please note that Guest Profiles are NOT eligible for tax exempt status.

When you create your profile with your VWR Shipping Account Number, you will be asked to enter your organization’s information, which VWR will review prior to approving your profile for Contract Pricing and Availability.

Once approved, in the Shopping Basket, will display:

  • The price of each product based on your contract
  • The availability of each product based on the physical location tied to your Shipping Account Number

Please allow two business days for VWR to process your request for Contract Pricing and Availability.

If the Shopping Basket isn't displaying each product's contract price and availability status, select "My Account." Then, under "Account Status," select the following link: "send another request to be approved for Pricing and Availability." Enter your organization information, and click "Submit." has been designed so that no personal identifying information is displayed online or is accessible to the general public. Read our Privacy Policy for more information. uses software tags called "cookies" to identify customers and track shopping baskets when they visit our site. This allows you to stay logged in during your visit (preventing the need to continually log in). It also allows selected products to remain in a shopping basket as you go to other areas of the site.

To learn more about the two methods of cookie opt-out, and to exercise your choice, go to our Privacy Policy.

You can use this secure location to keep your account details up-to-date. Your shipping addresses, credit cards, and other information will be available for you to select during checkout. This prevents the need to type information multiple times.

Whenever you need to add, edit, or refer to your account information, access My Profile from the top of the page. My Profile is also accessible from the My Account menu in the top navigation bar.

Continue reading to learn more, or go to Tutorial Videos and watch "Using My Profile."

To change your password, select the “My Profile” link at the top the page. Click the “Edit” button next to Personal Information. Under Security Settings, click “Change Password.” Enter your new password and select "Submit."  

Personal Information can be updated in My Profile by selecting the "Edit" button that appears beside "Personal Information." Update any incorrect information, then click "Submit."

The Personal Info page allows you to maintain current information about your work. Keeping this information up-to-date helps VWR understand your professional interests and adds to the relevance of your experience on

On the Personal Info page, you can opt in to receiving news and sales promotions via e-mail from VWR by selecting "Yes." You can opt out by selecting "No." After making your selection, click "Submit."

As you use, your account (login) might have access to one or more organizations. Each organization can have many custom configurations tailored to your procurement needs.

Switch to an alternate organization by selecting "My Profile" at the top of the page, then click the "Edit" button beside "My Organization." The drop-down menu allows you to select from the organizations linked to your account. If you do not see an organization listed in the drop-down menu, send an e-mail to

Information on each credit card that you use to purchase products on can be stored in Payment Options, which is accessible from My Profile. When your card information is stored here, during checkout, you'll be able to select the card you want to use.

In My Profile, select the "Edit" button beside Payment Options, click the "Add Card" button, and add your card information. The Nickname field allows you to label each card for easy recognition during checkout. Click "Submit" when you've finished entering the information. will let you know if the information is not valid. If it is valid, the card will appear under Credit Card Options.

"Edit" and "Delete" links appear beside each credit card that you have added under Credit Card Options. Click either of these links to manage your credit card(s).

No. You can store as many as you need, including multiple cards from the same credit provider.

If you have a Permanent Profile, you can select your Default Payment Type on the Payment Options page (accessed with the "Edit" button beside "Payment Options" in My Profile). Select "Purchase Order" or "Credit Card/Purchasing Card" as your default, then click "Submit."

You can make this request at the bottom of the Payment Options page. Select "Yes" under Invoice Notification E-mail, then click "Submit." If you would like to opt out of paper invoicing, please send a request via e-mail to or call 610-429-2889. If you are eligible, we will configure your account so that you only receive electronic invoices.

If you plan to ship your order to a destination other than the main address listed under Shipping Options in My Profile, it is important that you select the correct Shipping Account Number. Your Pricing and Availability may change based on this selection.

In My Profile, select the "Edit" button beside Shipping Options. On the Shipping Options page, click the following link: "Change shipping address for this site visit." Then, select the correct Shipping Account Number and click "Submit."

In My Profile, select the "Edit" button beside Shipping Options. On the Shipping Options page, you can select any of your Shipping Account Numbers as your default. After making this selection, click "Submit."

The default number (and shipping address) will be automatically selected when you check out. You will be able to select an alternative Shipping Account Number during checkout, as long as you have used the Shipping Options page to enter the alternative number and shipping address.

In My Profile, select the "Edit" button beside Shipping Options. On the Shipping Options page, add the additional Shipping Account Number that you would like to store, then click "Submit."

Once you add a name as a Ship-To Attention, the person's name will be available to select at checkout. In My Profile, select the "Edit" button beside Shipping Options. At the bottom of the Shipping Options page, add the new Ship-To Attention name, then click "Submit.

You can add e-mail addresses by using the Order Options page, which is accessible from My Profile. Once you’ve stored a colleague’s e-mail address, during checkout, you’ll be able to notify the person of your order. Select the "Edit" button beside Order Options, add your colleague's e-mail address, and click "add."

These preferences can be set on the Order Options page, which is accessible from My Profile. Click the "Edit" button beside Order Options, select your preferences, and click "Submit."

On the Order Options page, which is accessible from My Profile. To add a new Charge Code, click the "Edit" button beside Order Options, add a new code, and select "Submit." Charge Code data included with orders will be included on the invoices and packing slips you receive from VWR.

My Profile provides a convenient way to access Shopping Lists created by you or your organization's administrator. Select the "View" button beside Shopping Lists or use the drop down-menu.

Shopping Lists are also accessible from the My Account menu in the top navigation bar. And, depending on the page you are viewing, the left navigation menu provides links to Personal Shopping Lists, Organization Shopping Lists, Frequently Ordered Items, and Custom Catalogs.

To learn more, go to Tutorial Videos and watch "Building Shopping Lists." Or, find written instructions on Building Shopping Lists in the Help Center.