Finding Products

There are two main ways to find products on browsing and searching.

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How to Browse

Select one of the product categories from the "Products" menu in the top navigation bar. After choosing a category (Healthcare, Life Science, R&D, etc.), you'll find carefully selected products for specific industry needs and applications.

As you navigate into a category, you can select sub-categories to quickly narrow your browsing and find what you need.

Note that your navigation path is always shown at the top of the page (i.e. Home > Healthcare > Histology > Cytology).

How to Search and Refine Search Results

Enter a general search term, VWR Catalog Number, or manufacturer/supplier part number in the Search field, and the search engine will provide accurate results, help you refine your search, and help you consider the best options for your lab.

How do I begin a product search?

Type your search term (i.e. ethanol, pipet, lab coat) in the Search field located below the top navigation bar. As you type, a menu of relevant product categories and suppliers will appear. Choose a category or supplier to begin refining your search.

If you would like to perform a comprehensive search without any initial refinement, type your entire search term and select "Go."

You can also enter the VWR catalog number, supplier/manufacturer catalog number, or a chemical's CAS number in the Search field and select "Go." Find more information about searching for chemicals in the "Using Advanced Search" section below.

How do I refine and filter search results?

The left side of the search results page provides simple ways to narrow your search:

  • Refine your initial search results by typing a more specific term and clicking the "Refine" button
  • Select one of the specific product categories 
  • Select one or more of the product Suppliers, then click the "Refine Supplier" button
  • Use the Attributes drop-down menu(s) to pinpoint products that meet your specifications
  • Use the drop-down menu that appears below the "Catalog Products" tab to alphabetize results and sort by best matches or top sellers

Can I view additional categories and suppliers in search results?

Yes, these lists can be expanded. Select the "More..." link that is shown below the list you would like to expand.

Can I remove a search filter after I've selected it?

Yes. A red "x" icon appears next to each active filter. Click the "x" next to the active filter you would like to remove.

What is the difference between the List View and Grid View of search results?

The List View provides a comprehensive view (at the SKU level). This view allows you to:

  • Select specific items that you would like to compare side-by-side. To do this, click the "Compare" box beside each item that you want to compare, then select the "Compare" button (this button is available at the top and bottom of the search results).
  • Add items to your Shopping Basket. To do this, select the unit (Each, Pack, etc.) from the drop-down menu beside the item, enter the quantity, and click the "Add to Basket" button (this button is available at the top and bottom of the search results).

The Grid View provides a summary view, allowing you to scan brands and models before viewing a product page, where greater detail can be found.

In both List View and Grid View, each of the search results is linked to a product page that includes more information and, in many cases, more choices.

How do I change views?

"List View" and "Grid View" links are shown above your search results. Use these links to switch between the two views.

How do I change the number of search results displayed on the page?
At the bottom of your search results, select the number of "Items Per Page."

Using Advanced Search

Where do I access Advanced Search?

Select the "Advanced" link shown to the right of the Search field located below the top navigation bar.

What does Advanced Search allow me to do?

Advanced Search allows you to launch a search for a chemical by entering a CAS Number, Chemical Formula, MDL Number, Merck Index, Molecular Weight, and/or Chemical Name or Synonym.

If you enter a CAS number, will perform a search only within the CAS number index. This rule applies to the other text fields shown on the page.

Advanced Search also allows you to launch a search for other types of products by entering a search term (keyword), supplier name, and/or part number. Once you have entered this infomation, select the "Search" button.

Using MSDS Search

Where do I access MSDS Search?

Select the "MSDS" link shown to the right of the Search field.

What does MSDS Search allow me to do?

MSDS Search allows you to search for MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) documents by entering a search term (keyword), manufacturer name, or part number. Once you have entered this infomation, select the "Search" button.

Using Certificate Search

Where do I access Certificate Search?

Select the "Certificates" link show to the right of the Search field.

What does Certificate Search allow me to do?

Certificate Search allows you to search for product certificates, such as Certificates of Analysis, that are provided for certain products. To launch a search, enter the part number and/or lot number in the text fields shown on the page, then select the "Search" button.