HSW® Norm-Ject® syringes

Latex-free and containing no rubber, silicone oil, styrene, BPA, or DEHP, Henke-Sass Wolf’s (HSW) Norm-Ject syringes are the choice for any situation needing inert, hypo-allergenic syringes. Due to their purity, Norm-Ject are indicated for in vitro fertilization (IVF), embryo-transfer, chromatography, and many laboratory procedures. Manufactured only from laboratory-grade polypropylene and polyethylene, these unique plastic syringes have a positive safety stop to prevent accidental spills. Available in sterile individual packs or in bulk, unsterile packaging.

Product Selection

Norm-Ject Luer slip

The all-plastic syringe with a Luer slip.

Norm-Ject Luer lock

The all-plastic syringe with a Luer lock.

Norm-Ject bulk syringes

Unsterile Norm-Ject syringes in bulk.