Capturing the Complexity of Cell Biology - Pushing the boundaries of imaging assays


Thursday, September 9th, 2021
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST


Discover new methods to use complex 3D biology to improve your research

The scientific community is increasing its use of complex biological systems such as spheroids, organoids, and organ-on-a-chip for disease modeling and drug screening as they better simulate organs and tissues compared to their 2D counterparts. Simultaneously, advances in high-content imaging technology are revealing better information from these systems, allowing researchers to confidently push the boundaries of their 3D high-content screening applications.

Join presenters, Oksana Sirenko, Ph.D., Sr. Imaging Applications Scientist, Angeline Lim, Ph.D., Applications Scientist, and Sebastian Peck, Sr. Product Manager from Molecular Devices, where they will discuss how new methods and recent advancements in automated imaging and analysis are improving research in 3D biology.

With hardware and software solutions such as water immersion, lasers, and machine learning, they'll demonstrate:

  • Acquiring and analyzing high quality images of 3D lung and intestinal organoids
  • Using machine learning tools for robust analysis of challenging and complex images
  • An optimized workflow for Cell Painting phenotypic screening