Multi Surface Flat Head Mops

Cleanroom Multi Surface Mops are well-suited for aseptic and controlled environment floors, walls, ceilings, windows, and other surfaces.

MZone™ FlatMop™ Multisurface Mop Covers

Slip-on, tab-removal flat head mop covers are well suited for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces and equipment in the cleanroom. This mop easily glides onto adapters securely without any attachments.

SlideMop™ Flat Head Mop Covers

The SlideMop is a low touch mopping system with collapsible plates that easily slide into the quilted mop cover. Locks into place with its effortless step-on, downward-push system and releases with the click of a button.

SlimLine™ Flat Head Mop Covers

SlimLine Mop Covers easily and securely attach to the SlimLine Mop using elastic to snugly hold it in place. This mop is ideal for a variety of applications from disinfecting to quick clean ups.

SnapMopTM Flat Head Mop Covers

SnapMopTM Covers are a lightweight, snap on mop covers with urethane foam interiors. They're designed for effective cleaning and sanitizing in the cleanroom. Snaps help for secure use with the LyoToolTM and Tank ToolTM.

T-Mop Covered Sponge Mops

T-MopTM Cleanroom Covers are rounded, covered sponges with snaps that fit over the 180° swivel T-MopTM Adapter to easily roll over ceilings, down walls and soft walls as well as clean awkward corners, tight spaces, and under equipment.

Slim T TM Sponge Mops

Slim TTM Mop Covers are rounded, covered sponges that slip onto the T-MopTM Adapter or Window Washing Tool to easily roll down walls and soft walls as well as clean awkward corners, tight spaces and under equipment.

NovaSnap™ Flat Head Mop Covers

The NovaSnap low-touch flat mop head with a smooth knit polyester cleaning surface uses a simple snap-on and release clip action for improved cleanliness and ergonomics.