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VWR® is Your Complete Production Chemicals Provider
Whether you are managing a small production facility or a multifaceted international operation, production manufacturing presents a wide range of requirements.

VWR is ready to help you meet those requirements by providing production chemicals, strategic sourcing, and chemical-related services. Backed by our long history of supply chain excellence, we can manage your production needs in a way that increases efficiency and drives the profitability of your business.

VWR has strong relationships with the top chemical manufacturers in today's industry. These relationships, combined with our technical expertise and international distribution network, make VWR uniquely qualified to assist you in sourcing the right raw materials, packaging, and grades to meet your exacting needs.

Our Focus is on Managing Your Risk
At VWR, we understand that once you've chosen a target for production, scale-up must be efficient. By combining global resources with focused processes, we can provide speed, value, and product innovations to decrease your time to market and help you better manage your operating risks.

VWR specializes in supporting industries with stringent regulatory requirements by providing the highest possible level of inventory oversight and back-up for your critical production needs. From sourcing to planning and storage, we can help you manage risks with a wide range of services, including:

  • Primary and secondary sourcing
  • Primary and secondary storage locations
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Instant trackability
  • Change notice verification
  • Production materials planning
  • Stringent supplier monitoring and review
  • Detailed standard operating procedures
  • cGMP compliant and FDA registered warehouses


VWR helps you minimize the complexity of your supply chain security...


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VWR leverages our expansive global reach, with a localized support team...