Q qPCR Cycler

A faster, smaller, better way to qPCR

Q uses a patented magnetic-induction technology to rapidly heat samples, coupled with fan-forced air for cooling to acquire data in only 25 minutes. Available in 2- or 4-channel models, the robust optical system acquires all channels simultaneously and allows for running the fastest multiplexed assays.

Q’s miniature speaker-size and 4.5-pound weight make it the most portable and versatile qPCR cycler on the market, without ever needing to calibrate. Q also provides scalability as each instrument can process up to 48 samples per run and up to 10 Qs can be connected to a single computer wirelessly via bluetooth, enabling up to 480 samples to be processed simultaneously.

A key difference is that Q incorporates a unique spinning aluminum rotor, providing superior temperature uniformity of ± 0.05°C versus traditional block-based real-time cyclers which rely on multiple peltier heating blocks that can create edge effects resulting in sample variation. Not only does the data give you superior reproducibility and repeatability but enables detection of 2-fold gene expression level differences, as well as identification of difficult class-IV SNPs requiring melt temperature resolutions of 0.1°C.

Who wouldn’t want to take one for a spin?


Ultra-Fast Data Aquisition
35 cycles in 25 minutes

Unrivaled Performancs
Detect 2-fold expression level differences
Portable & Compact
4.5 llbs - transport without ever calibrating
Scalable & Wireless
Connect up to 10 instruments (48 samples/instrument)
Magnetic Induction Technology
Eliminate variability vs block-based cyclers


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Q qPCR Instrument

A faster, smaller, better way to qPCR