Surgical Instruments

A variety of your surgical and budgetary needs are met through any one of five instrument grades developed by Sklar:

  • Sklar OR Grade Instruments feature the highest grade German surgical steel, finely crafted and manufactured to exacting standards.
  • Surgi-OR™ Mid-Grade Instruments are forged from surgical-grade stainless steel and handcrafted in Pakistan, providing great value at reduced costs for the operating room.
  • Merit™ Office-Grade Instruments are ideally suited for routine, minor surgical procedures. This cost-effective line, backed by a 10-year guarantee, is manufactured in FDA-registered facilities in Pakistan.
  • Econo™ Floor-Grade Instruments are economically made to be reliable and disposable, offering the greatest utility at the lowest cost for non-critical applications.
  • Econo™ Sterile Instruments combine quality and cost-savings with sterilization, ready to use in individually sealed sterile packaging.

Product Selection

Sklar OR Grade Instruments

Highest Quality German Grade Stainless Steel

Surgi-OR™ Mid-grade Instruments

Cost-effective OR Grade Made in Pakistan to the highest operating room standards

Merit™ Office Instruments

Routine Outpatient or Lab Procedures, 10 Year Guarantee

Sterile Instruments

Ready-to-Use, Cost Effective, Disposable