Specialty Wipes and Cleaning Tools for an efficient and ergonomic sanitization

Porcess cabinents, curved surfaces, and spaces between, under and behind equipment need special cleaning attention. Micronova's range of specialty cleaning tools and wipes simplifies the task. From biosafety cabinets to lyophilizers, round vessels to curved joints, and plastic strip curtains to soft walls, there are options for removing contaminants for the most challenging of conditions.

Megaswat Mops Blade Style Mop

Single ply and foam lined blade style mops easily glide under and behind equipment. Adapters and mop covers are available in a range of widths, lengths and materials.

Econo CurtainCleaner™ Tool and Covers

Cleans both sides of strip curtain at same time allowing for a more efficient and effective cleaning.

Isolator Tool and Covers

Ergonomic and effective cleaning for isolators, hoods, RABS and other small cabinets. 360 swivel and range of fabrics for cleaning or disinfection.

LyoTool Dual Plate Mop

Cleans top and bottom of shelves simultaneously. Adjustable spring loaded shelves provide consistent pressure and release of cleaning agent.

PolyMitt Cleaning Mitt Wipes

Durable cleaning mitt can be used wet or dry. Design allows for better surface coverage than a standard wipe.

Window Washer Tool Dual Action Mop

Use on glass or stainless walls or specialized floor mats. Dual Surface TMop adapter and squeegee. Apply solution with TMop adapter and Dry finish with squeegee.

Tank Tool for Exterior and Interior Tank Contours

Flexible adapter conforms to tank with pressure against surface for good cleaning contact. Easily cleans tank and cylinder sides, bottoms and interiors; exterior of vessels.