ToughMix® qPCR MasterMixes

PCR & qPCR ToughMixes Engineered For Difficult Samples.

- Overcome PCR inhibition
- Robust fluorescent probe qPCR & PCR performance
- Superior performance with pure template
- Applicable to wider range of probe designs and detection chemistries

Inhibitors Common Source
Polysaccharides Plants, seeds, stool
Heme, hemoglobin Blood
Humic acid Soil, plant material
Melanin Skin, hair


Product Selection

qScript XLT 1-Step RT-qPCR ToughMix

Highly sensitive, ready-to-use master mix for RT-qPCR of RNA templates using probe-based detection.

UltraPlex 1-Step ToughMix

4x master mix for highly sensitive 1-step RNA detection using multiplexed probe-based RT-qPCR with crude extracts or inhibitory biological starting materials.

PerfeCTa Multiplex qPCR ToughMix

5x ready-to-use master mix that supports highly multiplexed qPCR across a range of inhibitory sample types and crude extraction methods.

AccuStart Genotyping ToughMix

2x master mix for accurate SNP genotyping with crude extracts, clinical specimens, environmental samples, plant/animal tissues, or complex food matrices.