Vendor Service

In partnership with our extensive supplier base, Avantor can help facilitate many FREE OF CHARGE, value add services to help create a safer, more efficient workplace.  From Presonal Protective Equipment (PPE) assessments to sitewide signage reviews our suppliers and specialists have the expertise to help you optimize your facility and ensure it is operating at its full potential.


Take the guesswork out of spill preparedness with the world’s first physics-based Spill Risk Algorithm — a PIG exclusive!

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Ansell GUARDIAN® is a sitewide safety solutions assessment performed by Ansell safety experts, tailored for your business to help drive out costs, reduce complexity and improve operational efficiency.

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APEX - a change management program designed to help end users improve processes and reduce contamination risk while ensuring a successful change to an alternate solution. A collection of project management, operational structure and employee engagement resources designed to help you maximize success throughout your organization

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Dressed for Success - Program designed to educate end users on the contamination risks when using laundered garments.

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Our in-house team of industry experts work with you to create a world-class safety program that is sustainable and compliant, supported by: Our insights, Our services, and Our products

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Brady Safety is your partner in creating and maintaining a safety program that is not only compliant but embedded in your safety culture. We bring our experience and expertise to your facility through a variety of lockout tagout, confined space and electrical safety services

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STUD-E workplace safety survey assists in creating and maintaining a safe workplace by identifying vulnerabilities. Keeping workers safe is much more than PPE – it starts with recognizing potential risks and hazards.

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With a Hughes site survey our safety shower and eye wash expert will inspect your facility to ensure you have the most suitable equipment, in the right location and ensure they are functioning as per ANSI guidelines.

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MCR Safety 360° Protection Program is designed to perform a complete assessment and review of your current safety gear performance. This service will provide an emphasis on direct & indirect cost savings, productivity, risk reduction, for now and in the future.

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