Durable lab equipment with a compact footprint

Because your samples are important, our laboratory equipment is designed to deliver solid performance. That's why our VWR Collection offering of shakers, vortexers, rockers, hot plates, stirrers, and more are built to be robust, durable, and are backed by a best-in-class 5 year warranty. VWR Collection equipment has high-quality features and a compact footprint to ensure your space remains streamlined and focused!

VWR® Shakers

Designed for a wide range of applications including cell cultures, immunoassays, proteins, and mixing of blood, centrifuge tubes, and microplates.

NEW VWR® Hotplates and Stirrers

Designed for a wide array of heating and stirring applications. We have a large selection of sizes, models, and top plates to fit all your needs.

VWR® Dry Block Heaters

Designed for a wide variety of laboratory procedures including incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, and immunoassays.

VWR® Melting Point Apparatus

Obtain fast and accurate results when using the VWR® Melting Point Apparatus to determine the purity of a sample.

VWR® Vortex Mixers

Intermittent- or continuous-duty models with analog or digital controls provide both gentle or vigorous vortex mixing.

VWR® Talon® Clamps

Designed with durable and reliable materials, VWR® Talon clamps, holders, and supports accommodate a wide variety of applications.