Microbiology QC

Pall Microbiology QC testing products provide solutions to reduce microbial cross-contamination and subsequent retesting, saving time and resources.
Whether you are performing bioburden testing of the latest vaccines, analyzing food samples for spoilage organisms or confirming the safety of our municipal water supplies, we understand test accuracy and efficiency is paramount for microbiology QC labs. 

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Filter dispensers are ideal for high throughput microbiology testing labs looking for more ergonomic, faster ways to handle individual membranes. The Sentino Filter Dispenser is designed to aseptically dispense one disc of membrane...


The Sentino® Microbiology Pump is intended for microbiological evaluations of aqueous samples by Membrane Filter (MF) Technique.

Filter Funnels

Easy to use, funnels for microbiological monitoring of aqueous solutions.


Three-place and six-place manifolds are capable of processing multiple samples simultaneously.