Analytik Jena

Analytik Jena is a leading provider of life science products, including BioImaging, PCR, and Real-Time PCR systems for academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology applications. Specializing in DNA/RNA extraction/amplification and fluorescence- and luminescence-based imaging applications for proteomics, genomics, and plant imaging, our products are focused to offer customers and users quality and reproducibility of their laboratory results. A full line of ultraviolet and laboratory products for research-based labs is also available.

High-performance Gel and Blot Imagers

UVP Studio imagers are the next generation of high-performance gel and blot imagers, designed to fit researchers' needs and specifications.

Simplified Fluorescence Gel Documentation

The Analytik Jena UVP GelSolo is designed to handle all of your gel documentation needs without breaking your budget.

Small Animal In Vivo Imagers

The UVP iBox In Vivo Imagers offer options from affordable to high performance and from fluorescence to bioluminescence.

PCR and qPCR Thermal Cyclers

From 384-well, high-throughput qPCR to 96-well standard PCR, Analytik Jena has the thermal cycler for you.

Ultraviolet Products and Lab Equipment

General purpose lab equipment as well as a multitude of UV systems and lamps available from Analytik Jena.