Blood Collection

When building successful protocols around blood collection, high quality blood collection supplies are the foundation of the process. Blood specimen types must be handled with care, often requiring complex and fast-paced protocols to preserve the quality of the sample.

This means having methods in place for the collection method, treatment at the time of collection, and post-treatment processing. Even beyond sample handling, it’s critical to understand how to work with patients, prioritizing their comfort and safety. All of this can be done by supplying your laboratory or medical team with the proper equipment and training.

Avantor® provides an extensive list of high-quality, sterile, and user-friendly products to maximize safety and efficiency for blood collection.

Featured products

Blood collection tubes

Blood tubes are available with your choice of size and coating. Select from a variety of blood tubes designed for use in chemistry, blood banks, hematology, and other laboratory procedures.


Built to measure and transfer small amounts of liquids, capillary pipets enable clinicians and researchers to measure fluids with precision. Learn more about capillary products here.


Sterile and simple to use lancets are used for capillary blood sampling for routine tests. Select from retractable, disposable, or light-weight products suitable for neo-natal care. Browse lancet products to meet your needs.


Designed with convenience, safety, and comfort in mind - Avantor® offers an extensive range of needles for all types of applications.


Explore all swab products, developed to assist with health inspections and medical treatment. Whether you are capturing DNA samples or observing tissue with depressors, Avantor® has options that support patient comfort and eliminate cross-contamination.


Choose from a variety of sterile, medical-grade syringes manufactured with high-quality materials to avoid the risks of contamination often associated with disposable syringes. Measure, sample, mix, and filter materials with ease.