Micronova - Contamination Control Made Simpler

Micronova’s unique portfolio of products is designed to simplify contamination control and prevention. Their range of mops and specialty cleaning tools address production and lab cleaning challenges in a variety of spaces from biosafety cabinets, isolators, and incubators to large manufacturing suites. Cleanroom tapes, liners, soaps, pens, and markers options are provided to minimize contamination and maintain the clean environment.

Multi Surface Mopping Systems

Cleanroom Mops in flat or T styles that are ideal for cleaning room and equipment surfaces in controlled environments and aseptic areas.

Floor String Mops

Cleanroom String Mops in economical and absorbent materials are well suited for cleaning large production and lab floors in a number of industries.

Buckets, Carts, Wringers

Carts, Buckets, and Wringers for flat head and string mop styles are designed to ensure proper disinfectant or detergent application.

Bags and Liners

Liners for storage of raw materials, disinfectant containment, waste disposal, and biohazardous material containment are available in a range of configurations for controlled environments and aseptic areas.

Specialty Cleaning

Specifically designed tools meet the challenges of cleaning where equipment or surfaces are contoured, have small clearances, or are hard to reach.


Non-ionic detergents are formulated to remove particles and residues common in cleanroom and critical laboratory spaces.

Cleanroom Tapes

A range of tapes accommodate applications including general marking, sealing, safety, autoclave indication, extreme temperatures, and sterile environments.

Cleanroom Pens and Markers

Clear documentation is critical in regulated and controlled environments. Low sodium or gamma irradiated cleanroom pens, irradiated Sharpie Markers, IPA resistant LabMarkers and Rollerball GelPens are among the choices for laboratory or production areas.

Skin Care

Hand hygiene is an important part of keeping your employees and products clean and safe from debris, microbes, and viruses.


Brushes are ideal for cleaning small parts, such as tubing or fittings, and large fixtures like overhead pipes and drains.