Our Collection of VWR Brands

Quality Solutions, Designed with You as our Focus by a team and network of professionals with advanced degrees in science, quality control, engineering, manufacturing and industry experience. Trust that you can put your focus and resources into the work at hand – and leave the balancing of quality and affordability to us!

Designed for Every Day Use

Our wide selection of serological pipets, flasks, pipet tips, centrifuge tubes, petri dishes, and more are designed to offer quality, value and convenience!

Designed for Reliability

Our collection of freezers, incubators, shakers, ovens, benchtop centrifuges and more are consistent, reliable and backed by our best-in-class warranties!

Designed for Precision

With science, even the smallest details can have a huge impact on results. Our microscopes, pipettors, balances, pH meters, bottle-top dispensers and more are designed to deliver accurate and consistent performance.

Designed for Research & Analysis

Our comprehensive range of chemicals, reagents, chromatography columns, vials and more represents our commitment to providing high quality solutions for your analytical methods and research.

Designed for Discovery

Find what you’re looking for in our selection of biological buffers, cell culture media, electrophoresis systems, sera, and more!

Designed for Production

VWR enables the advancement of science by providing high-quality chemicals and services, customized to your product or manufacturing needs with our bioprocessing chemicals, excipients, cleanroom supplies, single-use products, and more!

Designed for Protection

Stay safe with our selection of VWR apparel, eyewear, respirators, gloves, disposal systems, safety cabinets, and more!

Designed for Your Space

Fulfill your facility needs with our selection of lab casework, shelving, carts, chairs, glassware washers, and more!

Designed for Innovation

Create the scientific advancement you want to see by selecting from our portfolio of differentiated services. We take a flexible and consultative approach to help you identify the right services for your business.

Designed for Your Applications

Learn more about Our Collection of Brands and products focused on analytical chemistry, microbiology, food analysis, genomics, proteomics, anatomic pathology, and more!

Designed to Make a Difference

Around the world, you are leading innovation and research in science. Your work already makes a difference, but VWR makes it easy for you to take your efforts even further.