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Refractometers allow user to quickly and accurately determine a number of statistics including refractive index, Brix value, HFCS, or user-defined concentrations of liquids. Select models allow samples in the form of solids or pastes to be measured just as easily as liquids. Digital models include LCD displays with user-friendly controls and easily interpretable readings. The refractometers deliver highly precise measurements while still maintaining small footprints in limited workspace conditions.

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Supplier:  VWR International
Description:   Dual scale handheld refractometers designed to provide ranges of Brix (sugar concentration) and refractive index measurements.
Supplier:  Mettler Toledo
Description:   Compact and easy to use, Refracto refractometers are ideal for measurements in laboratory or production environments.
Supplier:  Mettler Toledo
Description:   LiquiPhysics™ Excellence RM Digital Benchtop Refractometers allow users to determine the refractive index, BRIX, HFCS, or user-defined concentratio...
Supplier:  Mettler Toledo
Description:   Developed for a wide range of applications, the intuitive Excellence Refractometers are the next generation of refractive index measurement.
Supplier:  Atago
Description:   These compact, pocket-sized refractometers allow you to take measurements anywhere with ease, indoors or outdoors

Supplier:  Sper Scientific
Description:   Refractometer measures salt content in sea water, pickling-brines, and other applications

Supplier:  Reichert Technologies
Description:   Automatic temperature compensation for immediate, accurate analysis without referencing temperature conversion charts
Supplier:  Reichert Technologies
Description:   Digital handheld refractometer performs as well as most laboratory-grade automatic Abbe refractometers

Supplier:  Reichert Technologies
Description:   The Brix/RI-Chek is a battery operated pocket refractometer that delivers rapid results.
Supplier:  Atago
Description:   Abbe refractometers are available in a variety of models for both high and low refractive index measurement, as well as high temperature and precise m...

Supplier:  Sper Scientific
Description:   This unit covers all of the substances of the Sugar-Brix Refractometer 0–32% and Sugar Refractometer, 28–62%, as well as very high sugar content produ...
Supplier:  Atago
Description:   Economic pocket refractometer offers a wide Brix range
Supplier:  Reichert Technologies
Description:   These automatic temperature-compensated hand refractometers are read directly and instantly without a water bath
Supplier:  Atago
Description:   This compact, portable line of hand-held refractometers is set apart by its streamlined design and variety of measuring capabilities

Supplier:  Reichert Technologies
Description:   The Rhino-rugged water resistant, dustproof, and shock resistant hand-held refractometer uses Automatic Temperature Compensation to provide accurate r...
Supplier:  Atago
Description:   Model PAL-Plato Refractometers is ideal for breweries to measure the specific gravity of sweet wort in degrees Plato
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Stock for this item is limited, but may be available in a warehouse close to you. Please make sure that you are logged in to the site so that available stock can be displayed. If the call is still displayed and you need assistance, please call us at 1-800-932-5000.
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