Adapter, Needle, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
89052-992EA 154.74 CAD
Adapter, Needle, Ace Glass Incorporated
Syringe Barrels, Plungers and Pistons
Adapter is designed to eliminate the “dead space” between the end of the standard Luer-Lok taper and the bottom of the standard hub when using nylon adapters.

  • Eliminates “dead space”
  • Kel-F hub and PTFE tubing extension included
  • Available with Kel-F hub at both ends

Use with nylon adapters such as 89052-518

The PTFE needle will slip into PTFE tubing, creating a sleeve fit that is satisfactory for discharging into an open container. All Ace Glass adapters like 89052-518 have a 0.051 opening for 10mm distance from the end of a Luer-Lok tip. For similar adapters previously purchased, the Luer-Lok tip can be enlarged to 0.051 with a No. 55 drill to accommodate this needle adapter.

The adapter is supplied with a Kel-F hub and a PTFE tubing extension approximately one meter long (longer extensions are available via special order). The adapter is also available with Kel-F hub at both ends via special order.
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