Systec® Stand Alone MINI Vacuum Degassing System, IDEX Health and Science

Supplier: IDEX Health & Science
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Systec® Stand Alone MINI Vacuum Degassing System, IDEX Health and Science
The Systec® Stand Alone MINI vacuum degassing system for HPLC is a high efficiency inline module that removes dissolved gasses from HPLC mobile phases

The flow-through vacuum degassing chamber features a single, inert, amorphous perfluorinated copolymer (Systec AF®) degassing membrane, enabling degassing efficiency 50 times that of PTFE. These units utilize a ZHCR® (Zero Hysteresis / Constant Run) vacuum pump, which employs a patented closed-loop, micro-stepping RPM control strategy permitting the pump to run with continuously variable speed, providing quick pull-down at high RPM, and then sustaining a consistent vacuum level at low RPM. Fluctuations in baseline due to changes in vacuum level are eliminated by not having to repeatedly stop and start a single-speed pump. This also greatly reduces wear and noise. The brushless motor enables quiet operation and is appropriate for environments where solvent vapors may be present. Typical unit lifetime is 5+ years.

Systec® Stand Alone MINI vacuum degassing systems include built-in test diagnostics: microcontroller self-test vacuum sensor validation on power-up; continuous vacuum system monitoring to ensure optimum operational conditions are maintained; and vacuum system fault detection and shutdown function indicators.

The maximum HPLC gradient flow capacity for these vacuum degassing systems is 2 mL/min (assumes gradient mixture of 50/50 MeOH/H2O, with typical low pressure gradient mixing value. Higher flow rates are possible with high pressure mixing).

ETFE tubing is recommended to limit regassing of mobile phase between the degasser and pump. ETFE is recommended due to its superior impermeability to gases (compared to PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing).

Its unique design assures reliable operation and the highest level of continuous performance available without the need for helium degassing. Two and four channel options are available, allowing up to two or four solvent lines to be degassed simultaneously.

Certifications: These products have been certified under the following CE testing standards: EN61326-1, EN55011, EN61300-3-2, EN61300-3-3, and EN61010-1.

Ordering information: An AC adapter and four interchangeable wall sockets (North American/Japan, U.K., Continental Europe, Australia) are supplied with each unit.
A 2-pin rear panel receptacle labeled "Validation" with mating screw-lock plug is provided to allow a validation signal from the control circuit to be sent to a computer or data system. This validation output indicates vacuum level. Please see "Validation Output" in the Specifications tab for more information.
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