CoolCell® Cryopreservation Alcohol-Free Cell Freezing Containers, BioCision®

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CoolCell® Cryopreservation Alcohol-Free Cell Freezing Containers, BioCision®
CoolCell® cell freezing containers provide consistent, controlled-rate, highly reproducible –1°C per minute alcohol-free cell freezing when used in a –80 °C freezer

The CoolCell® LX holds 12 (each) of 1 or 2mL cryo vials. The CoolCell® LX 5mL container holds 12 (each) of 3.5–5mL vials. The CoolCell® SV2 holds 12 (each) 2mL glass serum vials. The CoolCell® SV10 is calibrated to accomodate a 5mL fill volume in each of the 6 serum vials it holds. The CoolCell® FTS30 provides high-capacity, uniform freezing of 2mL cryo vials. Freeze 30 vials at once in a compact footprint through controlled-rate micro-convection. The inner FTS vial module allows transfer of all 30 vials at once to a cryo storage box for long term freezing.

No pre-cooling is required. No waiting between freeze cycles. Ideal for all cells requiring a controlled –1°C/minute freeze rate, including cell lines, stem cells, primary cells, PBMC, and yeast.

CoolCell® controlled-rate freezing containers do not use alcohol, eliminating the purchase, storage, or disposal of chemicals use.

With the elimination of alcohol, freezing results are highly reproducible and there is no ongoing cost or maintenance. CoolCell® containers are unbreakable, open easily when frozen, and are not cold to the touch when frozen. Enhanced design features on the CoolCell® LX include a beveled junction between base and lid to allow quicker opening once frozen, numbered vial wells for easy sample identification, and exposed vial tops when container is open, allowing for faster removal of vials for placement onto dry ice or liquid nitrogen. The unique materials and solid core design ensures no variability and equal or better post-thaw cell viability than alcohol-based cell freezing containers.
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