Anti-GAL1 Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody

89364-560EA 585.93 CAD
Anti-GAL1 Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody
The galectins are a family of beta-galactoside-binding proteins implicated in modulating cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions . Galectin-1, a member of this family, may regulate apoptosis, cell proliferation and cell differentiation. It inhibits CD45 protein phosphatase activity and therefore the dephosphorylation of Lyn kinase. Galectin-1 is expressed in placenta, maternal decidua, fetal membranes, cardiac, smooth, and skeletal muscle, neurons, thymus, kidney and hematopoietic cells .

Type: Primary
Antigen: GALECTIN-1
Clonality: Monoclonal
Host: Rabbit
Isotype: IgG
Reactivity: Human
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