Anti-HSV1 + HSV2 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

89359-922EA 492.34 CAD
Anti-HSV1 + HSV2 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody
Herpes simplex virus-1 is usually associated with infections of the mouth, lips and face. HSV-1 can produce lesions in the mouth and blisters on the lips, commonly referred to as “cold sores”. It is spread by contact with infected saliva.Herpes simplex virus 2 is the virus associated with genital herpes although it can cause an oral infection as well. HSV-2 is viewed as a disease that only those with highly active sex lives contract but this is not true. About 22% of adult Americans, from all demographics have HSV-2. Symptoms are usually so mild that most people are unaware that they have contracted the virus.

Type: Primary
Antigen: HSV1 + HSV2
Clonality: Monoclonal
Conjugation: Unconjugated
Host: Mouse
Isotype: IgG2a
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