Anti-PIP Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

Supplier: GeneTex
89361-226EA 690.5 CAD
Anti-PIP Mouse Monoclonal Antibody
Gross cystic disease of the breast is benign premenopausal disorder in which cysts are a predominant pathological lesion. These cysts appear to be formed from excessive aporcine cystic secretions. This fluid is composed of several glycoproteins including a unique 15kD monomer protein, PIP. Cytosolic analysis of normal tissue specimens from all major organs has demonstrated PIP in aporcine epithelia, lacrimal, ceruminous and Molls glands and in numerous serous cells of the submandibular, tracheal, bronchial, sublingual and minor salivary glands. PIP and prostate specific antigen are co-expressed in androgen receptor-positive breast tumors.

Working dilutions are best determined by the end user.

Type: Primary
Antigen: PIP
Clonality: Monoclonal
Conjugation: Unconjugated
Host: Mouse
Isotype: IgM
Reactivity: 0
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