MITO-ID® Red Detection Kit (GFP-CERTIFIED®), Enzo Life Sciences

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences
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MITO-ID® Red Detection Kit (GFP-CERTIFIED®), Enzo Life Sciences
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For use with GFP-expressing cell lines, as well as cells expressing blue, cyan or yellow fluorescent proteins.

Mito-ID® Red Detection Kit (GFP-Certified™) contains a proprietary membrane-permeable mitochondria-selective dye suitable for use with live-, detergent-permeabilized- and even aldehyde-fixed-cells

The kit is useful for assessing mitochondrial morphology changes, estimating mitochondrial mass and co-localizing GFP-tagged proteins to the mitochondrial compartment. This kit is specifically designed for use with GFP expressing cell lines, as well as cells expressing blue, cyan or yellow fluorescent proteins (BFPs, CFPs, YFPs).

Additionally, the kit is suitable for use with live or post-fixed cells in conjunction with fluorescent probes, such as labeled antibodies, or other fluorescent conjugates displaying similar spectral properties such as fluorescein and coumarin. A nuclear counterstain (Hoechst 33342) is provided to highlight this organelle as well. Wavelength maxima: Mito-ID® Red lambdaex 558 nm, lambdaem 690 nm; Hoechst 33342 lambdaex 350 nm, lambdaem 461 nm.

Unlike conventional dyes, such as DiOC6(3), JC-1, rhodamine 123 and tetramethylrhodamine ethyl ester, Mito-ID® Red dye highlights mitochondria regardless of their energetic state. The dye is compatible with most fluorescence detection systems, including conventional and confocal fluorescence microscopes, as well as, High Content Screening (HCS) platforms.

Delivery information: Kit conatins Mito-ID® Red Detection Reagent, 10 µL, Hoechst 33342 Nuclear Staining, 50 µL and 10X Assay Buffer, 15 mL.
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