Mini Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Systems, SE 250 and SE 260, Cytiva

Supplier: Cytiva
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Mini Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Systems, SE 250 and SE 260, Cytiva
Electrophoresis Systems Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Systems
Mini vertical electrophoresis units designed for quick screening and rapid separation.

  • Premium, multi-option, mini-vertical electrophoresis units
  • Choose the SE 250 for fast results using a 10×8 cm mini-gel format or the SE 260 for higher resolution using a 10×10,5 cm gel format
  • Run two gels at once in a single unit, and rely on the efficient cooling system to deliver flat, side-by-side sample lanes with no smiling
  • Assemble gel sandwiches and electrophoresis units quickly and easily using T-shaped spacers and specially designed clamps with integral springs
  • Cast up to four gels at once using a variety of casting stands or use precast gels from other manufacturers
  • Trust the safety lid interlocks to prevent accidental operator contact

SE 250 Mini-Vertical Unit: Runs two standard 10×8 cm mini-gels. The upper buffer chamber is also an efficient heat exchanger for active temperature control. The unit can run 12 tube gels with two tube gel adapter kits. Available slab casters include 2, 4 and 10-place models.

SE 260 Mini-Vertical Unit: Runs two 10×10,5 cm gels. The additional 2,5 cm of length gives more than 25% extra distance to resolve complex samples. It also means that you can use a variety of 8 and 10 cm long precast gels. Available casters include 2 and 4-place models. The unit offers the combined advantages of small format and efficient cooling ¾ an ideal combination for rapid screening of protein and nucleic acid samples. Gels are efficiently cooled using the heat-conductive alumina gel plate and built in heat-exchanger, with or without connection to an external circulator. The alumina back plate of each gel sandwich is in contact with buffer in one of the two buffer chambers, which act as heat sinks. The alumina plate conducts heat away from the gel sandwich into the upper buffer at a rate 40-times faster than glass of comparable thickness. In addition, a serpentine channel through which coolant can be pumped is permanently sealed between the two upper buffer chambers.

Ordering information: For efficient electrotransfer of up to four gels at once with the TE 22 mini tank transfer unit, see TE 22 mini tank transfer unit.

Delivery information: Includes Basic unit, 10 glass plates, two alumina notched plates, well-locating decal, SE 245 Dual Gel Caster, two each 0,75-mm thick 10-well combs and 0,75-mm thick spacer set.
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