Ficoll PM400, Cytiva

Supplier: Cytiva

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Ficoll PM400, Cytiva
Cell Separation Media
Ficoll® PM400 is a synthetic neutral, highly branched hydrophilic polymer of sucrose with an average molecular weight of 400 000. It is used to form density gradients for separating and isolating eukaryotic cells, organelles and bacterial cells, as a stabilising agent and as a preparation medium for isolating mononuclear cells. It is useful for separating cells that are sensitive to centrifugation. Ficoll™ PM400 can also be used in other applications, such in defined culture media, nucleic acid hybridisation, electrophoresis, and immunological studies.

  • Concentrations of up to 50% (w/v) covering densities of up to 1,2 g/ml can be achieved
  • Better osmotic properties than sucrose
  • Preserves functional and morphological integrity
  • Does not penetrate biological membranes
  • Serves as the raw material for preparation of Ficoll-Paque gradients
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