Amersham™ CyDye™ Mono-Reactive NHS Esters, Cytiva

Supplier: Cytiva
PA15604 PA15606 PA17101 PA13106 PA15104 PA15601 PA15106 PA15102 PA15604 PA15606 PA15100 PA15602 PA13104 PA15100 PA13105 PA13101 PA15605 PA17101 PA15106 PA15101 PA15101 PA17104 PA15601 PA13104 PA15602 PA17105 PA13105 PA15104 PA17104 PA15605 PA15102 PA13101
CA95017-362LEA 3704.46 CAD
CA95017-362L CA95017-538L CA95017-544L 95017-526 CA95017-354L CA95017-508L CA95017-528L CA95017-352L 95017-362 95017-538 CA95017-350L CA95056-514L CA95017-342L 95017-350 CA95017-524L CA95017-502L CA95017-540L 95017-544 95017-528 CA95017-506L 95017-506 95017-548 95017-508 95017-342 95056-514 95017-546 95017-524 95017-354 CA95017-548L 95017-540 95017-352 95017-502
Amersham™ CyDye™ Mono-Reactive NHS Esters, Cytiva
Protein Linking and Labeling Systems
Mono-reactive dye pack contains derivatised CyDye™ that carries only one reactive group on each dye molecule for targeted and specific labeling of amine groups, for example on antibodies, peptides or oligonucleotides.

Delivery information: Example protocols included with each dye pack.
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