LabX Express StarterPacs, Mettler Toledo

Supplier: Mettler Toledo
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LabX Express StarterPacs, Mettler Toledo
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METTLER TOLEDO's LabX Platform brings power to your laboratory bench with automatic data handling, high process security and full SOP user guidance.

  • Make it simple, efficient, and secure
  • Minimize effort
  • Complete flexibility

Make it simple, efficient and secure–LabX Platform is fully adaptable to meet your needs. The many options in LabX allow you to simplify the way you work, ensuring that transcription errors and omissions are a thing of the past. LabX takes care of all of the hard work, enhancing productivity and decreasing manual interactions.

Minimize Effort and Maximize Efficiency–Have all your results and data at your fingertips. LabX stores all measured and calculated data automatically in a secure database. Information is easily accessed to provide a full overview at any time. With the powerful reanalysis tool it becomes easy to fix input errors and analyze final results. Based on the findings, method optimization becomes child's play with the graphical method editor.

Complete Flexibility–LabX securely manages your entire application, automatically capturing your data and performing all calculations. Your lab's SOP's are easily set up in LabX and guide users through the measurement process exactly to your specifications. Create customized reports using the comprehensive report editor for clarity and insight into your results.

LabX can connect multiple METTLER TOLEDO instruments by adding optional licenses. Connecting multiple instruments reduces validation costs and uses one interface so once you learn one, you've learned them all.

Ordering information: Software is available for analytical balances, titration, DE/RE, thermal values, pH, and UV/Vis. Please contact your VWR representative for more information.
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