Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 Isoelectric Focusing System, Cytiva

Supplier: Cytiva
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Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 Isoelectric Focusing System, Cytiva
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Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 is a fully integrated isoelectric focusing (IEF) system optimized to deliver high throughput, speed, reproducibility and high protein-loading capacity.

  • Provides temperature control critical for reproducibility in 2-D DIGE experiments
  • Temperature control from 15 to 31 °C
  • Integrated high-voltage DC power supply delivering up to 10 kV makes the unit space-saving
  • Secure light protection during the run - Compatible with CyDye™-labelled proteins and other light-sensitive stains
  • Programming from the control panel or in Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 Control Software
  • Use the IPGBox and IPGBox kit to rehydrate up to 12 Immobiline™ DryStrip gels or other IPG strips independently and at the same time
  • The Ettan™ IPGphor™ Manifolds runs up to 12 Immobiline™ Drystrips - cup loading improves the focusing results, mainly for basic IPG strips; for larger sample volumes
  • The Ettan™ IPGphor™ Manifolds facilitate paper-bridge loading and in-gel rehydration loading

The large alphanumeric graphical display accommodates up to four lines of text for fast and easy programming. Up to 10 protocols (nine steps each) can be saved, retrieved, and easily edited on the instrument. Any number of protocols can be stored on a connected PC running Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 Control Software and uploaded to the instrument. Increased safety features ensure safe high-voltage runs, and with total start/stop control from your PC, IEF runs are easy and reproducible.

Temperature control is crucial for reproducibility. The Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 maintains the programmed temperature precisely for the duration of the run, even for extended time periods and throughout the length of the IPG strips.

Ettan IPGphor Manifolds are high-throughput accessories for 1-D IEF of proteins using IPG strips. These manifolds meet the increasingly stringent demands of proteomics research by ensuring high-resolution, micro preparative protein analysis. Ettan™ IPGphor™ Manifold and Manifold Light simplify IEF of multiple samples and reduce first-dimension hands-on time to a minimum. They speed up the processing of micro preparative loads in 1-D analysis. Designed for maximum performance and flexibility, the manifolds can handle 12 IPG strips. Sample equilibration can be performed in the same tray, saving substantial time.

IPGbox is designed for simultaneous rehydration of up to 12 Immobiline Dry Strip gels. IPGbox is used together with the IPGbox Kit to rehydrate 7 to 24 cm Immobiline Dry Strip gels. The IPGbox Kit contains 10 disposable reswell trays and one disposable IPGbox insert. The IPGbox comes with the complete set of accessories to rehydrate 10 full rounds of 12 IPG strips each. Individual slots in the reswell trays allow rehydration of individual IPG strips in a minimum volume of solution. The IPGbox includes a lid that protects the strips from dust and other contaminants during the rehydration period, which ranges from 10 hours to overnight.

Delivery information: Ettan IPGphor Manifold Complete Kit includes 1× Cleaning brush 2× Electrode assembly 1× Spirit level 20× Sample cup 1× Sample cup insertion tool 60× Paper electrode wicks 60× Paper bridge pads 1× Manifold 1× Forceps 1×60 ml cleaning solution and User Manual.
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