Cole-Parmer® FF-200 Series Economical Flame Photometer, Antylia Scientific

Supplier: Argos Technologies
14228-798EA 9817.31 CAD
Cole-Parmer® FF-200 Series Economical Flame Photometer, Antylia Scientific
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Automatic gas shutoff feature ensures operator safety.

  • Unit comes with Na+, K+, Li+, Ca+, and Ba+ filters
  • Low temperature and single channel
  • Oil and moisture free
  • High-grade propane/butane, or propane/butane mixture regulated at approximately 0.36 psi; natural gas at 3 to 10" W.G.
  • Approximately 8 seconds of reading stabilization
  • <0.5% interference when concentrations are equal to test sample concentrations

Use this economical flame photometer for routine determinations of sodium and potassium in industrial and educational applications. The fine and coarse adjustment controls provide accurate measurements every time. For safety, an automatic gas shutoff mechanism activates if the flame becomes accidentally extinguished.

Air supply: 6 L/min at 14 psi
Display: 3.5-digit LED; 12.5 mm H
Recorder output: 100 mV
Sensitivity: Na+ and K+ filters: 0.2 ppm; Li+ filter: 0.25 ppm; Ca+ filter: 15 ppm; Ba+ filter 30 ppm

Certifications: CE approved.

Delivery information: Supplied with one each of Na+, K+, Li+, Ca+, and Ba+ filters, two meters each of gas and air tubing, air and gas nozzles, drain trap, clips, cleaning wire, and power cord with plug.
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