Molecular Biology Grade Water, 5PRIME

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Molecular Biology Grade Water, 5PRIME
The used State-of-the-art water purification technologies produce Nuclease and Protease-free ultrapure water, sterile, suitable for molecular biological applications, such as PCR and 2D electrophoresis. The Molecular Biology Grade Water is deionized and produced without the use of chemical additives like DEPC. Since 5 PRIME Molecular Biology Grade Water is the basis of all of the reagents and buffers, we have paid special attention to this product. The 50 mL and 1 liter sizes are packaged in polypropylene bottles. The 5-liter sizes are packaged in an easy dispensing system.

  • Produced specifically for sensitive laboratory applications
  • Certified to be free of all nuclease and protease contamination
  • Certified to be sterile.
  • No DNase Activity-Exonuclease and Endonuclease
  • Bioburden tested (CFU1/mL)
  • Application tested
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