RTS Amino Acid Sampler, 5PRIME

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RTS Amino Acid Sampler, 5PRIME
The protein of interest is expressed from an exogenous plasmid template and is the only protein produced and labeled

Use the RTS Amino Acid Sampler in combination with the RTS E. coli Kits to substitute amino acids of your choice in the expressed protein. Enjoy this convenient and time-saving tool to produce your protein labeled with specific amino acids for various consecutive analysis methods. The RTS Amino Acid Sampler contains ready-to-use stock solutions of all 20 amino acids. All amino acids are unlabeled and provided separately to guarantee maximum flexibility for the choice of amino acids to be exchanged. Labeled amino acids are not supplied and must be obtained separately.

Produce labeled proteins for NMR spectroscopy using the RTS 500 E. coli HY Kits and the amino acids from the RTS Amino Acid Sampler, combined with labeled amino acids of your choice. The yield of protein expression using RTS 500 E. coli HY Kits will be sufficient in many cases to produce amounts required for subsequent NMR spectroscopy. The amino acids provided in the RTS 500 E. coli HY Kits can be substituted by an amino acid mixture containing labeled amino acids of your choice. The RTS Amino Acid Sampler provides the basis for those mixes in the form of ready-to-use stock solutions of the unlabeled amino acids. Labeled amino acids are not provided.

The translation reaction is performed in a small volume, requiring relatively low amounts of labeled amino acids. The metabolism of amino acids is dramatically lower compared to cellular systems, leading to the most effective amino acid-specific labeling. Labeled amino acids that cannot be specifically introduced in proteins expressed in E. coli can easily be incorporated in proteins using RTS (e.g., specific labeling of histidine). No expensive media are required since cells do not require cultivation

Ordering information: Kit includes 1 – 20 L-amino acids, 1.5 mL solution each DTT (1,3-Dithiothreitol), (5 vials).
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