Exact Polymerase, QuantaBio

10052-016EA 131.52 CAD
Exact Polymerase, QuantaBio
  • Robust amplification with Hot Start enzyme
  • Accurate products by efficient proofreading activity
  • Minimal PCR optimization due to special buffer formulation

The Exact Polymerase ensures a robust PCR performance in high-fidelity PCR and gives trouble-free and highly specific amplification. The combination of Exact Polymerase, a unique hot-start high-fidelity PCR enzyme, and the Exact PCR Buffer minimizes the need for PCR optimization and maintains an optimum of high fidelity and PCR product yield.

As with other buffer formulations from 5PRIME, Exact PCR Buffer is formulated to adjust the Mg2+ concentration automatically so that there is never a need for optimizing this critical component. 5P-Solution provided with Exact Polymerase, improves the amplification of difficult templates, such as those containing a high degree of secondary structure or a high GC content.

Owing to its exceptionally high proofreading activity, this enzyme generates PCR products with more than 10 times the accuracy of Taq DNA polymerase, providing the ideal tool for all PCR applications that require a low error rate, such as cloning and site-directed mutagenesis. The Enzyme fidelity varies from 2.3 x 10–6 to 3.6 x 10–6 misincorporated bases per PCR product doubling . These values are more than 10 times better than Taq DNA polymerase, as determined by several measurements and are comparable to or better than those of other proofreading enzymes.
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