RealMasterMix™ Fast SYBR® Kits, QuantaBio

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RealMasterMix™ Fast SYBR® Kits, QuantaBio
  • High reproducibility - convenient master mix format prevent pipetting errors
  • Excellent sensitivity - reliable detection of even low-abundance targets (down to 1 copy)
  • High specificity - stringent, antibody-mediated hot-start eliminates non specific primer annealing
  • Fast - real-time PCR results in ~ 30 minutes
  • Flexible - optimized for any cycler with fast-cycling and standard protocols

RealMasterMix™ Fast SYBR® kits include a 2X concentrated, ready to use master mix for very fast real-time quantification of DNA and cDNA targets using SYBR® Green. There is no compromise in sensitivity, specificity, dynamic range, or PCR efficiency. Only primers and template must be added in addition. Four different kits are available, with the correct amount of reference dye optimized for different real-time cyclers.

Maximum PCR efficiency, sensitivity, specificity, and robust fluorescent signal using fast-, or conventional cycling protocols with SYBR Green are achieved through a unique combination of proprietary buffer, stabilizers, and SpeedAB Taq Polymerase. The different RealMasterMix Fast SYBR Kits are optimized for distinct cycler requirements and are suitable for standard and fast cyclers. On fast instruments, RealMasterMix Fast SYBR Kits deliver PCR results in less than half the time of standard real-time PCR reagents, whilst maintaining equivalent PCR performance.

RealMasterMix Fast SYBR Kits can also be used on standard cyclers, using a faster protocol to decrease the PCR run time. For fast cycling, existing primer sets can be used without reoptimization. It is crucial to match the appropriate qPCR reagent with the specific instrument, since different real-time PCR systems employ different strategies for the normalization of fluorescent signals and correction of well-to-well optical variations.
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