Ready PCR DNA Column Kit, QuantaBio

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Ready PCR DNA Column Kit, QuantaBio
  • A unique filtration method consistently produces high yields of PCR-ready DNA for screening
  • Simple, two solution system
  • Quick and easy protocol
  • Provides PCR-ready genomic DNA for quick screening
  • Yields up to 60 µg per sample

The Ready PCR DNA column kits are scaled for small-to-medium throughput laboratories. The kits produce PCR ready DNA in as little as 15 minutes. Each 200µl column is designed to purify to 60 µg of DNA from up to 1x106 cells per sample. Reliable consistent results. Quality and yield exceed other column-based methods. Simple 2-reagent system with easy-to-use protocols. Purified DNA links directly to PCR.

Expected Results:
Typical yield: 3-8 µg DNA/ 200µl human whole blood
Typical concentration: 15-40 ng/µl Elution Solution for 200µl human whole blood
95% of purified DNA exceeds 23 kb in size
A260/A280 ration is greater than 1.50
A405 less than 0.1 (no Heme contamination)
Successful amplification of a target greater than 1 kb

No guanidinium or other harsh chemicals
Reagents can be stored at room temperature
No pre-mixing, pre-lysing or precipitation
Non-silica columns eliminate clogging
No cross-contamination

Sample Types:
Whole Blood
Buffy Coat
Body Fluids
Cultured Cells
Cell Suspensions
Tissue Homogenates
Gram-negative Bacteria
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