Human Recombinant APO-Saa (from E. coli)

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Human Recombinant APO-Saa (from E. coli)
Proteins and Peptides
Human apo-SAA is a 104 amino acid polypeptide that circulates primarily in association with high-density lipoproteins (HDL). The level of apo-SAA, normally 1-5 μg/mL in plasma, increases 500-1000 fold within 24 hours of an inflammatory stimulus and, under these conditions, is the most abundant HDL apo-lipoprotein. The human SAA gene codes for a 122 amino acid polypeptide, which contains an 18 amino acid N-terminal signal sequence. Recombinant Apo-SAA is a consensus SAA molecule corresponding to human apo-SAA1alpha except for the presence of an N-terminal methionine and substitution of asparagine for aspartic acid at position 60 and arginine for histidine at position 71(the later two substituted residues are present in apo-SAA2beta).

Store in working aliquots at -20°C. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
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