Eisco® Enlarged Human Teeth with Tongue, 2 Parts

470136-082EA 121.4 CAD
Eisco® Enlarged Human Teeth with Tongue, 2 Parts
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Highly detailed model of the complete human tongue including salivary glands and teeth to demonstrate typical positioning.

  • Enlarged 2x life size
  • 2 parts, lower jaw detaches
  • Dissected tongue
  • Mounted on base
  • Hand painted
  • Includes numbered key card

Model of the tongue with front teeth shows how the tongue is positioned in the mouth. Front teeth and jaw bone can be removed for closer study. Features the muscles under the tongue that are used for chewing food and swallowing. Surface of tongue is removed on one side to show underlying muscles and nerves. Salivary glands (sublingual and submandibular) are also shown.
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