Reach-in CO₂ Incubators for Shakers, Caron Products

Supplier: Caron Products
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Reach-in CO₂ Incubators for Shakers, Caron Products
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Caron's Reach-in CO2 Incubators are optimized for suspension and scale up cell culture applications that require agitation or shaking so nutrients are distributed throughout the culture media. Ready to accommodate shakers inside, these CO2 incubators provide optimum environmental conditions for precise and reproducible results.

Key standard features include internal power outlets; precise IR CO2 control; adjustable heavy-duty shelves (support up to 150 lbs.)

Multiple options/accessories are available to allow you to customize the incubator to your need. Options include: Automatic Moist Heat Decontamination Cycle (DECN301); Elevated Humidity Water Pan System (HUMD305); gVapor, Steam-Free, Earth-Friendly Controlled Humidity (HUMD307).

Note: View the Product Accessories List, in Datasheets under Related Information. To order specific accessories, search by VWR part number.

each); exact RTD temperature control with our earth-friendly gROD (Refrigeration on Demand) cooling system; cooling capacity to support up to a 200W heat load; intuitive touchscreen controls; space-saving design; heated triple-pane glass door; tool-less removable interior; ergonomic lime green door handle; two access ports; gentle horizontal airflow system generates evenly distributed airflow across all shelf locations; all polished stainless steel interior. Powder coated cold rolled steel exterior construction.

Certifications: Models 7401-25-3 and 7401-33-3 are CE compliant.

Ordering information: Two shelves come standard with the 708 L models. Three shelves come standard with the 934 L models. Accessories and Options are not included. Shakers sold separately. Two year parts and labor warranty included.
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