Barbed Reduction Couplers, Eldon James

Supplier: Eldon
C8-6NK-QC C3-1NK C10-6NK C8-4NK-QC C6-5NK C16-10NK C3-1.5NK C6-4NK C10-4NK C2.5-1.5NK C3-2NK C16-8NK C12-6NK C12-10NK C1.5-1NK C2-1.5NK C2.5-2NK C6-4NK-QC C2-1NK C8-5NK C10-5NK C5-4NK C10-8NK C4-2.5NK C8-6NK C4-3NK C12-8NK C4-2NK
89238-118PK 1111.44 CAD
89238-118 94025-410 94025-432 94025-398 94025-452 94025-450 94025-408 94025-428 94025-406 94025-426 94025-448 94025-402 94025-424 94025-446 94025-444 94025-400 94025-422 94025-442 94025-420 94025-440 94025-418 94025-438 94025-436 94025-414 94025-412 94025-434 89238-114 89238-112
Barbed Reduction Couplers, Eldon James
Connectors Connectors, Tubing
These couplers are made of Natural Kynar® material, which has a temperature range of -62°C to 107°C (-80 to 226°F), and a pressure of 260 psi at 21°C (70°F)

This material can be autoclaved to 140°C (285°F) and meets USP Class VI requirements. Generally, chemically resistant to most acids, salts, weak bases, halogenated solvents, alcohols, nuclear and UV radiation, oxidants, ozone and deionized water.

Certifications: RoHS Compliant.
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