Drum Pumps for Combustible Liquids, Bürkle

Supplier: Bürkle
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Drum Pumps for Combustible Liquids, Bürkle
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Drum Pumps for Combustible Liquids made of Stainless steel V2A (1.4301) / AISI 304 available with rigid discharge tube or flexible 1.2 m PTFE/stainless steel discharge hose with ball valve made of stainless steel

Note: The pumps are not suitable for use with acetone.

The PTFE seals ensure long-term maintenance-free usage. The pump can conduct electricity and when used in conjunction with the anti-static kit (sold separately) fulfils the requirements for handling flammable liquids. Delivery rate depending on length of pump approximately 220 to 560 ml/stroke. The stepless adjustment of pump immersion depth is to ensure good residual extraction.

Accessories information: When decanting flammable liquids without the machines and containers involved in the process being sufficiently grounded, electrostatic build-up can occur, which for many substances can result in fire or an explosion. Burkle’s anti-static set (sold separately) ensures easy and reliable grounding. The anti-static set consists of three color-coded connecting copper cables with clamps in a handy plastic case.
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