Primary Human Osteoblasts (HOB), PromoCell

Supplier: PromoCell
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Primary Human Osteoblasts (HOB), PromoCell
Primary Human Osteoblasts (HOB) are isolated from femoral trabecular bone tissue from the knee or hip joint region (lot specific source information is available on request). They stain positive for alkaline phosphatase and can be mineralized using PromoCell Mineralization Medium.

  • Alkaline phosphatase positive
  • Tested for mineralization
  • Available from knee and hip femoral tissue
  • Cryopreserved at second passage

Osteoblasts are of mesenchymal origin and are mainly responsible for bone formation and remodeling

This product can be used in the following applications. Bone differentiation, Bone remodeling, Bone physiology research, Oncology, Inflammatory studies.

In vivo, they produce a collagen type I rich extracellular matrix called the osteoid. During their development, osteoblasts undergo a maturation process called osteogenesis. When they become encased in the bone matrix, they stop proliferating and become osteocytes.

Ordering information: Primary Human Osteoblasts can be ordered as cryopreserved or proliferating cells. Additional cell pellets stored in RNAlater® are available.
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